I want to thank all of my clients for having been able to provide you with these incredible products over the past ten years. I have enjoyed the many testimonials and friendships developed along the way.
I am pleased to announce that a long time and 'like family' friend - KARA WRIGHT- has accepted the reins to continue the business! Kara is as passionate about the products as I always have been. We have spent a lot of time working together and Kara is estatic to be able to continue providing you with the same high quality products ....
and will be adding even more along the way!
BUdder Bar (dba BUdder Bath and Body)
uses the finest aromatics, all natural
vegetable and nut oils and butters -
complimented and enhanced by the wonder of raw goat milk!
Our formulas are unique and specialized using ingredients
normally not found in any other goat milk products.

Indulge yourself in spa luxury everyday! 
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BUdder Bath and Body Products

Handcrafted with 100% natural goat's milk. Making our own handmade products is the very core of BUdder Bath and Body. From ordering our all natural and organic raw materials, to manufacturing, cutting, curing and labeling ~ we do it all ourselves. We know how good our products are and believe them to be truly superior to the commercial products of today. A bar of handcrafted soap is kind to the skin and highly versatile, you can even wash your hair with it! Natural soap is 100% biodegradable. Our soap-making process does not produce any harmful by-products that need disposal. The natural soap-making process does produce glycerin, which remains in the soap, and is wonderful for your skin. We wrap each BUdder Bar soap in recycled paper to help preserve freshness and to keep the soap fresh and sanitary. 
Goat Milk Soap Benefits -
contains restorative and rejuvenating qualities which nourish the skin ~ promotes moisture and prevents dryness~ exfoliates old skin ~ soothes and softens, produces smooth, glowing skin ~ gently cleans and softens skin down to its deepest layers ~ stimulates skin cell renewal
*reduces skin darkening brought about by the wear and tear of aging *maintains correct skin PH
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