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  • I wanted to tell you that I am really loving the Emu Oil Specialty Lotion that I ordered last week. I found the webpage while websearching for lotions containing sea buckthorn and helichrysum oils, which this lotion contained. At first, I hesitated to place an order because I didn't see a full list of ingredients, but I decided to fully trust your company. When I saw the ingredient list on the bottle, I was very, very impressed! The lotion feels like buttery silk and smells wonderfully herbal. Thanks for adding the expensive Corsican helichrysium oil while keeping the product price so low!
  • After twenty years of professional treatment for severe psoriasis, I have finally found a product for my mother that has virtually cleared her condition up and in only one week! Her dermatologist was in total awe of her improved condition. Your emu oil lotion is miraculous! ......Sue W.
  • My daughter bought a bar of Emu Oil Soap for me yesterday.  I have chronic severe hand eczema and, in the last month,a flare-up of eye and mouth eczema.I admit I was a bit skeptical about the benefits of the soap, but I tried it and was surprised at how soft and really clean my hands felt after washing.  After washing my face with it, I finally found relief from the horrible constant itching, burning and cracking around my mouth and eyes!Nothing else from creams and hydrocortisone to vitamins and herbs has worked.  I know this sounds dramatic, but Thank You from the bottom of my heart!  You have a wonderful product, and I will definitely be spreading the word! 
    Thanks Again.......Amy 
  • I bought the Emu oil lotion and the face scrub, I love them both! The lotion is clearing the acne up quickly ....faster than any thing else and I have tried everything! ......Kelly D.
  • I am very pleased with your acne soap. It works well and softens too. It has cleared up Deannas acne and she is no longer using the harsh creams from the dermotologist.I even use the soap my self for cleaning and my skin has never been softer. You're doing a good job!...Holly
  • My husband asked me what lotion I just put on my skin - I told him "none" - it was the first time I used your goat milk soap! ......Melissa
  • I'm excited -- Love your soaps. They add a certain something to my day! .... Sue G.

  • Since my son was diagnosed last year, it has been a challenging time searching for relief from psoriasis.  He commented to me last week that the Emu Oil soap is the one thing that has really helped, so I am truly grateful.......Virginia A.
  • I have psoriasis over 80% of my body. This has helped me tremendously with itching. This is the first time I can honestly say my skin is soft. I am grateful to know that I will soon have more of the EMU Oil and bar soap. It is rare for people with psoriasis to have smooth skin let alone soft skin, but using your soap & oil has done just that. I was amazed at how well my skin has responded to the soap & oil combination. I have been able to discontinue using the prescription creams & moisturizers and now just use the EMU Oil! ......Louise M.
  • Can I just tell you that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your soaps?  I am a massage therapist at Milano's Day Salon & Day Spa and I saw your soaps in a basket.  I smelled and absolutely fell in love with Rosemary Mint  ... and most recently Caffiene.  I L=O=V=E  these soaps!  They last a long time, smell great and feel so wonderful on my skin.  I've received many compliments on my skin ... I think it's because of the soap.  I can't wait to shower!  I've ordered many and have given them as gifts to people ... I just want to tell everyone about them!  Thank you for making a great product!...Anita P.


  • I can't believe it actually cleared up my psoriasis after only four days of usage.....Jenn

I play the cello and have always had my fingertips crack. Since I started using your soap, it just does not happen anymore! ...Alfred A.


  • I bought the emu oil soap for my daughter. Her acne cleared up in just TWO days! ...Cindy
  • This is the first soap I have bought that really does everything the brochure says it will do.....Amy